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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How long can I keep the fudge?

Answer: The fudge will keep well for 2 weeks at room temperature (on the cool side). It is best consumed when purchased. It will keep longer, however, it just dries out over time.

Question: Do I have to refrigerate fudge?

Answer: No, in fact refrigeration dries the fudge out and alters the taste. Room temperature is best. It’s really best to leave it in the tissue in the box in which it was sent.

Question: Can I freeze fudge?

Answer: Yes, you can successfully freeze our fudge by packaging it in a zip-loc bag and squeeze all the air out. When you thaw it, leave it sealed until thawed to avoid drying out. It freezes beautifully.

Question: Are there egg products in your fudge?

Answer: No, with the exception of our “Egg Nogg” fudge which is offered before Christmas.

Question: Does your fudge have nuts in it?

Answer: Yes, all our fudges have nuts and traces of nuts as part of our manufacturing process. It is all made in one commercial kitchen. Do not consume our fudge if you have nut allergies.

Question: Is your fudge organic?

Answer: No. Although we use certified organic cream and butter, naturally grown nuts and fruit, we cannot claim to be making organic fudge although all ingredients are from natural sources.

Question: Is there wheat in your fudge?

Answer: No, in fact, our fudge makes a great treat for celiacs who canít have any gluten.

Question: Where do you make your fudge?

Answer: We make our fudge in our home, in a government inspected, (health department) commercial kitchen.