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At Beaver House Fudge we receive powerful testimonials each day attesting to the quality of our fresh, home made fudge and the excellence of its taste.


“You’ll never get fudge like this anywhere else!”

                                                             -Sophia Perry, Duncan B.C.


“After tasting Beaver House Fudge just a time or two I, being pregnant, was craving the creamy texture of it! Once asleep, your fudge filled my dreams…but all was satisfied with a trip to your store! Thanks a lot!                                       Jessie Dilalla, Duncan, B.C.

"With organic cream and butter and friendly staff, Beaver House Fudge cannot be beat!With an awesome selection of flavors and melt in the mouth goodness it is easily the best fudge on Vancouver Island."

                                                           -David Valance, Victoria B.C


"Beaver House Fudge is by far the greatest fudge I have ever tasted.....the richest and creamyest fudge on the market. If this fudge was a woman I would grow old with her!"

                                                        Chace (age 16) Victoria, B.C.

"My name is Emma and I am 10 years old and I live in Cloverdale, B.C. I love your Beaver House Fudge because it tastes fantastical and it makes my taste buds happy. there are so many flavors that taste scrumpdillish."             

                                                         Emma, Cloverdale B.C.

"This is by far the best Fudge I have tasted. You can definately taste the quality of ingredients that are used to make it. The creamy texture is second to none as I have tasted fudge everywhere I go. I cannot drive up island without making a stop at Beaverhouse!!!! I recommend it to everyone I know and they are all hooked!"

                                                    Rhonda, Duncan, B.C